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Description (what, how, where and when): The coordinator of the project will be the NIHWM. The PROJECT MANAGER for the CLEANWATER Project will be the person responsible for all management aspects related to the Project, being day-by-day available for this activity as well as for the scientific aspects and for submitting the progress reports and the financial reports to the Commission in time.
An essential management measure is the coordination of the information flow, meaning the internal exchange of information among the beneficiaries within the project as well as the exchange of information between the project, the European Commission and external institutions. Technical knowledge and scientific results will be laid down in technical and scientific reports listed as deliverable products and made available also on the project website. Knowledge transfer to EC will be ensured by means of annexing these reports to the obligatory activity reports listed in the project proposal.

A scientific unity (SU) will be created for the main modules of the project: two persons for modeling approach for surface water and groundwater, one person for the module related to the soil and the respective agricultural cultures, one person for the development of Open-GIS system including climatic changes scenarios, one person for compute the environmental and resource costs. The SU coordinators will assume the scientific direction of the project. Together with the CLEANWATER project manager, the members of the SU take the responsibility for the organization, coordination and survey of the implementation of necessary activities in order to achieve in the reporting time the above modules. The Scientific Unit will be chaired by the project manager, which is also the coordinator of the surface water modeling approach module.

Another active part of the management of the coordinating beneficiary is his role as the sole responsible for the European Commission with respect to all administrative and technical issues. In this position Mrs. Trifu will meet the reporting obligations towards EC, will submit payment requests when adequate and will distribute the respective founds among the associated beneficiaries as soon as they become available.
In order to assure the acquirement of the necessaries equipments and consulting activities provided in the proposal, the project manager of each partner will be involved in the organization of acquisitions procedures in accord with the Romanian law and in the establishment of the agreement contract with specialized institutions.

The results of the project management will consist in the successful implementation of all actions described in the proposal.