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Dr. Maria Cristina Trifu

CLEANWATER Project Manager
Senior Researcher
Head of UIP Department

Mrs. Maria Cristina TRIFU has graduate the Polytechnic University of Bucharest; specialisation: Water treatment and clean up equipment's and she has the Master's Degree in field of Water Resources Engineering, the courses being organised in the frame of TEMPUS Project, Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies: Sciences de l'Eau et Environnement. From 2002 year she is PhD in Biogeochemical of the superficial hydro systems, at the Pierre et Marie Curie University - Paris VI.

Mrs Cristina TRIFU is senior researcher and Head of UIP Department. She is member of Scientific Council of NIHWM and head of Water Quality commission within the Romanian Society of Hydrological Sciences.

Her activity concerns on modeling of the surface water quality. Mrs. Trifu has a good experience in national and international programs, as expert and she has been involved in the following projects:

  • A pilot system for Urban Environmental Impact Assessment in relation with Urban Planned Land Use, using Open-GIS technology and pollution level estimation procedures - ASSURE, LIFE ENV/ RO99/006746
  • Environmental Statistics Surveys - PHARE Program, EuropeAid/114921/D/SV/RO. Participants: Greece, Romania
  • Western Black Sea integrated Environmental SyStem - W-BLESS, Environmental Capacity Building Project. Participants: Italy, Romania
  • Design and the implementation at the regional scale of Balkan countries of a Water Observation System for Decision Support - WOISYDES (is continuing WMO MED-HYCOS Project) Participants: France, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia
  • Development of an Integrated Basin Management System in order to correlate water quality and quantity analysis with socio-economical analysis, using Open-GIS technology - DIMINISH, LIFE03 ENV/RO/000539
  • Elaboration and implementation of pollutant transport models

In the period 1997 - 1999 she was associated teacher at the Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest in the field Hydrology and Urban Hydrology.

Mrs. Maria Valeria Daradici

Senior Chemist
Department of Water Management and Ecohydrology

Mrs. Maria Valeria DARADICI is a senior chemist working in the Department of Water Management and Ecohydrology. She graduated in 1982 the National Institute of Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Organic Chemistry. She fallowed specialized courses related to environmental protection, rational management of water and wastewater treatment.

Mrs. Daradici has a good experience in the accomplishment of ecohydrological studies related to the lateral and longitudinal water connectivity, as well as on the influence of suspended matter pollution on aquatic ecosystem. In 2005 she has analyzed the effect of thermal pollution upon surface waters, indicating a set of environmental measures for the improvement of thermal power plants functioning.

Mrs. Daradici has participated to one international project "Environmental Statistics Surveys", implemented in 2003-2004 in the framework of Phare Programm for Statistic in Romania. The goal of the project was the evaluation of the state of environment on the base of the knowledge of the impact of point sources within the Mures River Basin, taking into accounts the wastewater treatment stations, water supplying and water consumption.

In 2010 Mrs. Daradici had a great contribution to the accomplishment of a Romanian regulation concerning the procedure to fallow, in case of accidental pollution with dangerous substances.

Mr. Marin Nelu Minciuna

UIP Department

Mr. Marin MINCIUNA graduated University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geology and Geophysics in 1998 and on 2001 - 2010 period attended to different professional development programs on Hydrogeological Modelling and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Mr. Minciuna has a important experience in modeling groundwater flow and has competences on:

  • Hydrogeological studies for subterranean water supplies;
  • Assessment of pollution effects and groundwater protection;
  • Aquifer system investigation through wells.

International Project experience:

  • "Project NATO SfP 973684 - SQUASH (Somes /Szamos Quantitative and Qualitative Study of the Hydrogeology)";
  • "LIFE Program LIFE03 ENV/RO/000539 - Development of an Integrated Basin Management System in order to correlate water quantity and quality analysis with socio-economical analysis, using Open-GIS technology";
  • ISOTEIA Project "Integrated system for the promotion of Territorial-Environmental Impact assessment" - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania;
  • "PHARE / 2004 /016 - 784.01.03 - Integrated Management of Transboundary Groundwater between Bulgaria and Romania, in Dobrogea Area"
  • "CCWaters Project - Climate Change and Impacts on Water Supply"

Mr. Bogdan ION

UIP Department

Mr. Bogdan ION graduated Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (T.U.C.E.B.), Faculty of Hydrotechnics (University) in 2007 and between 2007 - 2011 period attended to different professional development programs on Geographical Information Systems (GIS), different water resources modelling software.

Mr. Ion has competences on:

  • Studies and research targeting to improve policies, strategies and decision making process in integrated water resources management and in flood risk management;
  • Studies and research on flooding; water management studies and documentations needed to obtain water use licenses/permits;
  • Flood control studies;
  • Setting up new concepts on river training and restoration /rehabilitation.

International Project experience:

  • "FLIWAS (Flood Information and Warning System)" - Timis pilot river basin;
  • "Enhancement of water resources management in Mures river basin" - EEA (European Economic Area) Financial Mechanism;
  • "DANUBE FLOODRISK" - SEA (South East Europe) Programme.

Mr. Cristian Vasile Rusu
Coordinator of Environmental Cost module within CLEANWATER Project

Comercial and Marketing Department

Mr. Cristian Vasile RUSU is university graduated in hydrotechnical constructions and he is working to the National Administration "Apele Romane" (NAAR)..

In 1994-2000 period he has attended different professional development programs on Natural resources management and Environmental Protection" - UNESCO, European Environmental Law and Legislation, European Environmental Policies, Environmental Economics, Finance and Green Accounting.

Mr. Rusu has a large experience in national and international programs, being member of ICPDR Working Group for Economic Issues in water field. Since 1998 Mr. Rusu has been involved in the project "A new system of prices and tariffs for water management products and services", in the framework of USAID - Harvard University - River Basin comities.

Mr. Rusu has competences on:

  • Managing exploitation of hydraulic works activity
  • Establishing and providing of, prices and tariffs for water
  • Management products and services and its implementation in water
  • Economy branch
  • Application of policies and strategies to cover expenses through a system of water charges for products and services water