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Farmer’s implication in the nitrates management

This action is a demonstration action aiming at the farmer’s implication and sensibilisation regarding the nutrient pollution.

An internet platform will be created to provide important public information in a user-friendly way. There are farmers who travel abroad in orders to look at different farming systems or who attend training workshops or farm group meetings. Taking into consideration that having access to information is the strongest determinant of farmer's environmental protection behaviour, the dedicated web-page in the framework of CleanWater project will offer information on this scope.

The access of the farmers and the local authorities to the information related to the nitrates pollution, designation of vulnerable zones and the measures to diminish the pollution shall be allow by the assessment of a dedicated web page support. This will be updated using the developed GIS system, in accord with the decision of the members of CWG. The web site shall include information about the nitrates pollution, GIS maps about the water quality and the pollution sources, the Action Program and the Code of Good practice, the advantages and costs of the proposed measures for the environment protection, trends of waters under the climatic changes. The web page shall have a dedicated forum where the farmers, local and regional authorities, water users will have the possibility to write their opinions concerning the nitrates pollution problems. After the end of the project the members of CWG with the support of NIHWM shall maintain the web site. The website shall contain the LIFE logo and few details about the CLEANWATER project.

In order to encourage the farmers for participate in the nitrates management we will make the fallowing focused activities:

    a) we will distribute folders and leaflets with information about (the way for inform the farmers):

  • the potential risks of nitrate pollution in terms of impacts on the health of their livestock and crops and, implicitly, on farm profitability
  • the means to reduce these risks in the context of the NVZ regulatory framework, including Nutrient Management Plan fitted to specific form conditions
  • the importance of their opinion for both the Basins Committee and the members of CWG (Commission and Working Group for applying the Action Plan for the waters protection against the nutrients pollution from the agricultural sources).
  • b) we will prepare short announcements and notices to be published in local journals focusing on the presentation of project proposal , the address of the web-site and the potential risks of nitrate pollution for the environment and the human being (the way for sensibly the farmers);

    c) we will organize one visit to a successfully developed farm: this way we intend to share information using working visits at a representative farm (the way for encourage the farmers);

    d) we will develop a computer-aided-decisions-systems for manure storage at farm level and "comuna" level (nuts5) that will be installed to the mayor and posted in the town hall (the way for convince the farmers).