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Dissemination of results

Description (what, how, where and when): The goal of this action is to disseminate the results of the project to relevant stakeholders, public target groups and scientific community by meetings, oral presentations publication of results in scientific journals. Press release, Layman’s reports and website information are specific tools to spread monitoring results to interested people. This will be done and coordinated by the coordinating beneficiary.

Methods employed: Guide for use of the developed management system - pollution CLEANWATER method - shall be prepared for the experts of all Water Basins Directions.

A full time dissemination shall be supplied by the construction of the project web site. The page shall contain details about the project’s objectives, actions, progress and results, upcoming meetings and events as well as contact details in a user-friendly way. It shall be regularly updated during the project period. It will be also create a web-site of the Barlad basin, included in the developed system in order to make available the information about the environmental and economical impact of the proposed measures and to inform and imply the farmers for the implementation of nitrates directive.