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The proposed project will use the results of the previous funded LIFE03 ENV/RO/000539 - DIMINISH project, meaning the main design characteristics of the web - mapping visualization interface.

New aspects are included in CLEANWATER Project:

  • a new methodology for computing the resource and environmental costs under GIS environment;
  • designation of the vulnerable zones focusing on its evolution under climatic changes;
  • modelling approach of the nitrates transport through the soil level;
  • modelling of the groundwater level using a more complex and detailed model for the nitrates transfer, taken into consideration the fact that it is a considerable time lag between improvements at farm and soil level and a response in water body quality;
  • new techniques to visualize the results of modelling and the GIS maps will be added.

  • Designation of nitrates vulnerable zones using mathematical approach, at river basin level and scenarios related to climatic changes and human activities changes;
  • The models for surface water - soil - groundwater will be included into an integrated system, that will be developed on the base of Open-GIS technology (Seneque - Sidass - Modflow);
  • Farmer's information and implication will be done in the framework of meetings and by analyze concrete situations.