CLEANWATER / A c t i o n s                        IMPORTANT TO RETAIN

On 14 November 2012, the Cleanwater team has organized in the Vaslui City, a meeting with farmers from Barlad catchment area.

The purpose of the meeting has consisted in information / awareness / sensitization of farmers on nitrate pollution from Barlad catchment area and their involvement in a proper manure management according to European legislation.

At this meeting attended local authorities (county councils, Agricultural Departments), NGOís, public health departments from the Barlad catchment area, local media and representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development, NA Apele Romane etc., which have showed the general aspects and obligations of farmers resulting from the implementation of the Nitrates Directive and the Code of Good Agricultural Practice.

Farmers have appreciated the meeting as one that promotes the use of good agricultural practices and offers information about nutrient pollution the degree from the Barlad catchment area, as well as necessary and appropriate, in order to support them in the implementation of the Nitrates Directive, wishing in the same time a greater involvement of authorities in this process.

Various information about water supply of the farm, knowledge degree of legislation, management / administration of manure, management / administration of wastewater were obtained through distribution and completion of questionnaires especially designed with farmers.

During the meeting from Vaslui, part of the questionnaires results mentioned above were presented and together with the government representatives it was done an assessment of problems related to manure / slurry management that farmers face.

In order to involve farmers in nitrate management the project team has organised a visit to the Tarzii dairy farm, from the Oltenesti locality, Vaslui county, which was presented at the meeting as a good model to follow by all farmers from the basin.

As a result from the conference discussions it is still needed to better inform farmers about the legislation applicable in the field, examples of good agricultural practices and also an overview of new technologies for waste processing, in this respect the website dedicated to farmers was highly appreciated.