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On March 21, 2014, meetings were held with representatives from Team Cleanwater Agricultural Chamber of Commerce Galati and representatives of the NGO "Centre for Ecological Consulting Galati".

The purpose of the meetings was to install on computer Decision Support for the Management of Manure at Farm and Village level (SDGGG), operating manual for its use. This system includes the best and latest measures, recommendations, solutions and methods of manure management, taking into account national and international legislation, codes of practice, guidelines farming skills.


The meeting was attended by the Agricultural Chamber of Commerce Galati, representatives of this institution that conducts information and documentation in the interest of the county agricultural economy and representative NGO "Centre for Ecological Consulting Galati" Moisi Ms. Petra.
Following the discussions, it was highlighted the need to disseminate this support to other farms in the county, because it provides models for managing manure that can be applied to other watersheds.

At the working meeting of the Center for Ecological Consulting Galati (, NGO representatives appreciated the opportunity of the Decision Support and stressed the importance of its dissemination in other counties offering their support, considering the fact that among their activities is found to promote the environmentally friendly practices and methods of "transformation of manure waste a useful resource for agriculture".
At both meetings, participants were informed about the fact that they can express their opinion on accessing system, information utility and submit proposals, suggestions for improvement by completing the "Questionnaire to know your opinion on dung management decision support manure from the farm and village (SDGGG) ", located on the same website with SDGGG.